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HuaRuian has been focusing on the research, development, design and production of Internet intelligent terminal products for many years, and has accumulated rich experience. Huaruian industry customized solutions, according to the characteristics of various industries, tailor-made personalized industry solutions to provide customers with one-stop customized service.

Five advantages, make your mind at ease

Global strategic partners


Huaruian is a global strategic partner of MediaTek, Spreadtrum and Rockchip. 

Our products are sold in China and all over the world.

Strong R & D strength


Huaruian has an independent product design and R & D team, and 

has accumulated rich experience in R & D of internet intelligent terminal products for many years.

High quality supply system


Huaruian has been operating and developing healthily since its establishment, 

we have achieved mutual benefit and win-win results in the cooperation with business partners, 

accumulated a large number of high-quality supply resources, and formed a mature and stable supply system.

Advanced manufacturing


We have our own factory in Shenzhen, equipped with advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology, 

adhering to the "quality first, service first" purpose, carry out the strict quality control system to product quality can be guaranteed.

One-stop service


Set up a professional and independent team to serve the industry customized projects. 

To achieve one-to-one close service, more focused, more efficient.

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                >Create smart classroom, encourage interaction in traditional classroom through  

                                                                                        digital application and open more colorful learning experience for students 

>Easy lesson preparation and dynamic learning materials for students  



                                                                                       >Timely and appropriate to provide consulting services for customers

                                                                                       >Attract customers with interactive display    

                                                                                       >Scene promotion information and product information 




                                                                                      >Military quality, exquisite workmanship  

                                                                                      >Stable and durable, super long endurance

                                                                                      >Scene promotion information and product information




                                                                                      >Secure paperless process, achieve professional operationand improve efficiency

                                                                                     >Secure mobile solutions for outbound sales reps

                                                                                     >Provide mobile financial advice for customers



                                                                                       >Interactive self-service ordering system provides customer with a clear menu

                                                                                      >Seamless end-to-end process, kitchen can easily 

                                                                                        manage food orders through wearable devices and large display screens



                                                                                       >Changing the traditional clinical work mode greatly improves 

                                                                                         the daily work efficiency of medical staff.

                                                                                      >Real time access: patient's medical record, medical care,

                                                                                         condition and other information

                                                                                      >Keep abreast of the schedule, hospital notice and the use of medical equipment

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